RE-HEALING™ Foam is compatible with numerous construction materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, polyethylene and PVC.
“Solberg has achieved a true milestone in the History of the firefighting foam industry. Innovation in the foamindustry is not replacing one set of long chain fluorinated surfactants with another fluorosurfactant. True innovation is taking off your blinders, not seeing the problem exactly the same as everyone else, and solving the problem from a completely different direction. Only Solberg saw the real issues regarding existing foam chemistry and decided to take this industry in a completely different direction.” - Steve Hansen, General Manager of Solberg


RE-HEALING™ foam concentrates from SOLBERG are an innovative environmentally sustainable fluorosurfactant and fluoropolymer-free firefighting foam used to effectively extinguish Class B fuels with no environmental concerns for persistence, bioaccumulation or toxic breakdown. RE-HEALING foam concentrates can be used in fresh, salt or brackish water and possess excellent burn back resistance due to its remarkable flow and rapid sealing characteristics. 

SOLBERG RE-HEALING foam concentrates are formulated using a new high performance synthetic foam technology to replace traditional AFFF and AR-AFFF foam concentrates and older fluoroprotein foams.

RE-HEALING foam concentrates are intended for use on Class B hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuel fires. Concentrates are available in 1%, 3%, 6% and 3x6 ATC™ formulations. RE-HEALING foam concentrates can be used to prevent re-ignition of a liquid spill and control hazardous odors, and will improve extinguishment in deep-seated fires.

Foam non-air aspirating discharge devices as well as air aspirating discharge devices including standard sprinkler heads, can be used to obtain maximum results. The concentrates can also be used as a pre-mix solution. RE-HEALING foam concentrates are compatible with most dry powder agents, and provides even greater fire protection against three-dimensional fires.

RE-HEALING foam concentrates can be proportioned at the proper foam solution percentage using common foam proportioning devices such as: eductors, inline balanced pressure proportioners, ratio controllers, and self-educting nozzles.

Solberg manufactured products are thoroughly inspected and undergo rigorous quality control tests. These evaluations analyze the foam’s physical parameters as well as the finished product’s fire performance.

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